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Renowned Group Renovates Mid-Century Ranch Home


Renovating a Dallas Ranch Style Home

Ranch-style homes are popular in Dallas. They are typically spacious and comfortable and offer great value for the money. Ranch-style houses can also be dated and may not meet the needs of modern homeowners. If you are considering renovating a ranch-style home, keep a few things in mind.

Remodeling vs. Renovation

When updating a ranch-style home, there are two options: remodeling and renovation. Remodeling is a more extensive project involving significant home structure changes. This could include adding a new room, expanding the kitchen or bathroom, or updating the electrical and plumbing systems. Renovation focuses on correcting the home's interior and exterior. This could include painting the walls, replacing the flooring, or updating countertops and appliances.

The Benefits of Renovating a Ranch-Style Home

There are many benefits of renovating a ranch-style home. First, it can help you update the home's style, appliances, fixtures, and finishes and make it more comfortable and functional. Second, it can increase the home's value and save you money on remodeling costs, including demolition, engineers, framing, and extra charges.

The Case Study - Mockingbird Park Neighborhood

The homeowners wanted to renovate their 1950s ranch-style home in Dallas. They wanted to modernize the kitchen and make it more functional.

The Renowned Group was hired to complete the renovation. The team worked within the kitchen's existing layout to make micro improvements that enhanced storage and function. High-end appliances, fixtures, and finishes were incorporated into the design to keep the space current.

The original kitchen housed a stacked washer and dryer within a small closet. The closet was removed to make room for a side-by-side layout, and a Wolf coffee maker and microwave were added above.

Laundry Room Before Renovation

Laundry Room After Renovation

A contemporary Wolf induction cooktop replaced the old cooktop and made room for a spice drawer directly underneath. 

When hidden space was uncovered behind a wall, it became useful for a wall housing a Sub-Zero Designer wine storage unit, Panel-Ready integrated refrigerator, Wolf double ovens, and Pantry with small appliances.

Hidden Storage In Hallway 

Renovated Storage Area

New Wine Cooler and Appliance Wall

The entrance to the kitchen from the dining room was improved by opening the doorway and adding a double pocket door, allowing for more flow between the two.

The genius magic cabinets at one of the kitchen corners are lit from within, making easy access to pots and pans. Another magic corner works as a hidden bar cart at the opposite corner near the entrance.

The Renowned Group designed custom cabinets built by Stylecraft of Bucks County, PA.

The new kitchen features a peninsula with a natural stone countertop and waterfall. The cabinets are custom stained finish and ample new storage space.

The New kitchen features a peninsula with a natural stone countertop and waterfall

Overall, the renovated kitchen is a beautiful and functional space reflecting the homeowners' contemporary style.


Renovating a ranch-style home can be a great way to update its style, make it more comfortable and functional, and increase its value. However, being prepared for the renovation challenges, such as time commitment, expense, and disruption to your daily life, is crucial. Following the tips in this blog can make the renovation process go more smoothly and get the desired results.

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