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2020 Award-Winning Mid-Rise Condo Remodel

Renowned Renovation Recognized as One of the Best Remodeling Contractors in Dallas

2020 Dallas NARI Contractor of the Year $500,000+ Interior Remodel

Every year, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) presents the Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards. As quoted from their website, the CotY awards "are the premier awards for the remodeling industry.

The National award which is given out one time per year recognizes excellence in remodeling as demonstrated in forty-eight different categories."

Renowned Renovation was awarded the Dallas NARI 2020 Contractor of the Year (CotY) in the category for Interior Remodeling $500,000. 

The award-winning project was for a mid-rise condo located in the Highland Park, Dallas, Texas. This is the second year in a row that Renowned Renovation has won the Contractor of the Year Award. In 2019, Renowned won the NARI Dallas and Regional CotY for a whole home remodel with a budget of $250,000 - $500,000.

Award-Winning Highland Park Plaza Condo Remodel

Renowned Renovation Award-Winning Remodeling in Dallas, Texas

The owners wanted to completely renovate and modernize their condo. The goals were to incorporate some of the original construction, which was custom designed by the parents in 1985. This building was converted from a hotel into luxury condos and has remained mainly unchanged since the ’80s.

Condo remodeling brings additional complexity that isn't found in a typical stand-alone, single-family home remodeling project. It requires meticulous planning and problem-solving. Some of the unique challenges are working with the Homeowners Association (HOA), the restricted working environment, and limited elevator availability.

Working in an occupied luxury high-rise condo requires full-time supervision, proper planning, and crews that understand the needs of the building and the owners.

Using BuilderTrend to Keep Clients in the Loop

One of the first things we do is introduce clients to BuilderTrend. This is the software app we use to manage and document the entire remodeling project. The goal is to give the homeowner all the tools to ensure that they are always in the loop. With BuilderTrend they can see all the aspects of their remodeling project in real-time. 

Adding a Large Butler’s Pantry to Your Home

A major enhancement we made to the home was adding a Butler's Pantry. To make room for the new pantry we needed to relocate the existing laundry room. Our Design Team recommended the most logical location, which was near a walk-in closet.

The existing bathroom provided a very accessible, functional and convenient location, with plumbing already in the walls. We utilized the existing bathroom plumbing for the hot and cold water lines and tied it into the shower drain lines. 

New Butler's Pantry in Remodeled Dallas Condo

Due to constraints on creating openings in the exterior walls of the unit, we used a booster fan in the ceiling of the old laundry location to connect it to the existing vent running to the outside of the building. 

In order to meet the client's goal of relocating the powder bathroom, we had to overcome the restrictions and inability to core a hole in the wall for a new seated toilet. The unit below was occupied and the Homeowner's Association does not allow it. 

Renowned Problem-Solving

Our solution for adding new toilets without coring through the post-tension slab was to install wall-hung toilets. There was a common element sewer line within the 4’ allowance in the wall so we were able to install an in-wall carrier. We have found Kohler to be the best in-wall tank and carrier for this type of outlet placement.

The client's goal of minimizing the design elements, maximizing functionality and desire for continuity and flow. This was an excellent challenge for our interior design team to create a unique plan for converting a closet into the new powder room. 

They  wanted their powder room to make a statement that was sleek, modern and aesthetically pleasing. Our designers suggested an "integrated sink,"—where the basin and countertop are made of the same material. 

Due to the metal stud construction, we reinforced the wall with fire-rated wood studs to carry the weight of the sink. The result is a beautifully seamless sink with a bold appearance.

Building a Luxury Pantry

The hallway closet, powder room, and laundry were relocated and that space was converted into the large pantry room. The walk-in pantry has lots of storage space to hold and display the family’s collection of fine china, silver serving pieces, and crystal.

The clients have three generations of China and silverware that they wanted to store in the butler’s pantry. The owners entertain regularly and wanted to be sure that this was a highly functioning pantry and storage space for their extensive collection. 

Throughout the home, including the pantry, we installed Blum Blumotion with "Tip-on" to achieve the contemporary zero hardware look. Bluemotion by Blum is a soft close drawer glide system and Tip-on is the push-to-open mechanism. For the silverware drawers, we added a black velvet lining. 

Cambria Countertops

Using Cambria matte 3cm slabs, we created waterfalls on both ends of the countertop island in the kitchen. Waterfall edges are a design element often featured in modern and sleek settings. We were fortunate to perfectly match the waterfalls, despite the fact that Cambria does not offer book-matched slabs.  

The owners wanted to keep the existing 7-finger red and white oak parquet flooring. Parquet flooring was a very popular Mid Century design. Today, this style of flooring is primarily custom-made. We love to incorporate elements of the original home where possible and preferred by the client. 

They also wanted to add more of the same flooring to all of the rooms in the home, less the bathrooms which has tile. The new parquet had to be custom milled as the existing 7-finger white and red oak mix hasn't been in production in more than a decade. The desired color was black with a matte finish. We installed the new floor, which required two coats of stain to achieve the desired look and feel. The Duraseal True Black floor stain is not an easy product to use. Although we were able to achieve the desired effect, it was a challenge to meet the client's needs.

BLUMTION Push-to-Close Drawers

To maximize functional and storage in the kitchen we included a Magic Corner in the Cabinet Design. When the Tip-on door mechanism is engaged, the Magic Corner is pulled outward, then swiveled to the side along with the front baskets while the back baskets are simultaneously moved into the cabinet opening.

The Soft & Silent feature slows the pull-out just before final closure, creating an automatic and quiet closing. Under the induction cooktop are three functional drawers. The bottom two are deep enough for pot storage. To the right of the cooktop houses a lower cabinet with tray dividers for pan storage. 

Contemporary Interior Design 

To create a seamless and efficient contemporary kitchen that met the Owners' needs we chose to integrate, minimize, and incorporate monochromatic color. 

The refrigeration and dishwasher are integrated, panel-ready and include a touch trash-pull, touch refrigerator-freezer, and dishwasher drawers. All the upper cabinets lift-up with the touch of a finger. The bottoms are recessed and allow lifting with ease. LED integrated, LED puck lights, and installation of plug strips eliminate plugs in the splash.

All drawers have Blum Blumotion touch-to-open soft close and doors have Blum Tip-on a push-to-open with soft-close. There is also a full-height spice cabinet. 


Custom Cabinets, Hunter Douglas, NARI Award-Winner

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