November 10

How to Remodel Before Relocating to Dallas

The Easiest Way to Remodel is From The Comfort of Your Couch 

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Renowned Renovation recently helped this client to remodel six bathrooms in the Highland Park home she purchased, without ever meeting her in person. 

Before Covid-19, Renowned Renovation offered Virtual Interior Design and Remodeling Project Planning using construction apps and screen sharing. It was a growing trend, then and now, because it's convenient, cost-effective, and saves time. It has become a modus operandi for most professional design-build-remodeling firms like Renowned Renovation. 

A majority of our clients are moving to Dallas from another state, recently we have had several clients from New York and California. They are relocating or moving back to Dallas and want to move into a newly remodeled home that fits their lifestyle. 

We see this as a common trend with most of our high net worth clients. Instead of buying a new or refurbished home, they buy older luxury houses and condos that need updating.  And then they hire us to design and remodel them to their needs and style. 

They do this for three reasons:

  1. The cost difference between a new or remodeled home is astronomical.  
  2. The lower tax benefits of the purchase-price valuation that does not reflect the post-renovation value of the property.
  3. And perhaps, most importantly, is the ability to design the home's new interior, finishes, fixtures, and appliances specifically for them.

    Not over personalization by any means, but our clients want what they want, which is normally the best of the best.

Working with out-of-state clients and local Dallas clients who prefer to leverage virtual project planning and interior design to manage their time, is one of the Renowned Renovation specialties. We find this method saves clients time and, consequently, money.

Clients who need to or want to see and touch the materials can use the Renowned Renovation design team. They narrow down the choices, and clients can benefit from special discounts from our trusted vendors and suppliers.


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