November 15

What Are The Different Types of Remodeling


There are 3 Types of Interior and Home Remodeling

1. Facelift Remodeling

“Facelift Remodeling” involves updating the surfaces within a particular area of your home. And it calls for minor upgrades and replacements. FFacelift-remodeling has the lowest cost of the three types of remodeling and can renew your interior design.

2. Pull-and-Replace Remodeling

The next level. “pull-and-replace” remodeling, replaces the built-in features within the area of your home to be updated ones. The changes can run deeper than a facelift remodeling. Specifically, pull-and-replace remodeling installs newer versions of the same features in the same place of an interior. And for that reason, it costs quite a bit more than a facelift remodels but results in a more comprehensive update to the interior space being renovated.

3. Full-Scale Remodeling

Finally, a “full-scale remodeling” is a complete overhaul of interior space and not a facelift or pull-and-replace remodel. It involves tearing down everything within a particular area in a home or commercial interior (and even, in some cases, your entire house) and rebuilding it from scratch. 


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