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Mid-Rise Condo: Kitchen Remodel at The Beat Lofts

Mid-Rise Condo: Kitchen Remodel at The Beat Lofts

Mid-Rise Condo: Kitchen Remodel at The Beat Lofts

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We often hear about the Chuck in a Truck or Stan in a Van fly-by-night contractors. For this client, that nightmare came true. Undoubtedly, when Renowned Renovation heard the details of a disaster renovation, we wanted to help. The “Stan” that was originally hired for the job took the clients money, violated the rules of the Home Owners Association, did not pull permits, and did an overall unacceptable job that had to be corrected.

One of my favorite style of condos has an industrial look—showcasing high concrete ceilings with exposed conduit and duct-work. I appreciate that original loft concept with concrete floors. This place has all of these features and more. It’s an 8th-floor, mid-rise with panoramic views of downtown and Old East Dallas. From the kitchen window and over-sized balcony you can see the Reunion Tower, Omni Hotel, and Chase Bank building. You can see the highlights of the renovation in the video. Read on to hear the details of how we transformed this mid-rise condo to meet the expectations of our client."  — Grant Woodruff, CR

The Disaster was in the Details 

From the start, this condo became a personal project for us. As National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) certified contractors, we are passionate about providing quality work that is done right with no short-cuts or mishaps. 

In reviewing the work that had been done on the initial remodel, some of the issues were cosmetic. Other problems were clearly due to poor planning and execution. For starters, plugs were installed upside down, cut edges of tiles were exposed—and the tile was not even set in straight lines. 

The contractor convinced the owner to move the fridge right next to the sink which cramped the working space in the kitchen. This is not the suggestion of someone who truly knows the importance of layout and design from a big picture perspective. 

When the contractors installed a brick veneer wall, they left the baseboards exposed, highlighting the fact that it’s a veneer. This is the opposite of what the client was trying to achieve. The walls were painted using a high gloss paint, typically used for doors and surfaces that get dirty and cleaned often. Instead, walls are generally painted in a satin or flat paint for large surfaces. To top it all off, the shower valves were installed upside down.

Renowned, Contractors You Can Trust

After meeting with the client she gave us the reigns to repair the condo in the most cost-effective manner. We assured her that we would complete the renovation without sacrificing quality. Additionally, we discussed being mindful of what she plans to sell the condo for. All of these are fine points that need to be discussed openly and honestly before a business agreement is made.

As a high-end remodeling company, Renowned Renovation does not often take on “budget” projects. However, we were able to do the kitchen for less than $20,000. We’ll note that no new appliances were purchased for this renovation. Give us a call to discuss your dream project! We have the design, craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes all the difference in the outcome of our work. 

Renowned Cabinets

When you hire Renowned Renovation you can rest assured that your cabinets are going to be a highlight. Our custom-built Renowned Cabinetry are hand-built and assembled in PA by skilled craftsman. These cabinets are hand-sanded twice and factory-finished.

This means they are painted in a sealed factory setting. When they’re delivered to be installed there’s no odor or finishing that needs to be done onsite. The best past is that there’s no formaldehyde in the finishing. Plus, they come in any style, from tradition to modern styles.

The cabinet color we selected for the mid-rise condo was Benjamin Moore Chalk with shaker style doors and drawers. We installed soft-close drawer glides and door hinges, and under-cabinet LED-puck lighting. 



The additional upgrades included a cutlery divider, spice pull, a magic corner (which is a storage cabinet) and docking drawer. These are all the amenities of the ideal modern kitchen, including a double-waste pull-out drawer for trash and recycling. Our signature cabinets exemplify the finishing touches Renowned Renovation brings to all of our jobs. 

Custom Countertops

For the countertops we chose a cost-effective quality quartz by MSI-Surfaces called Q Quartz. 

Normally, Cambria is my go-to but for the marble look. However, we can get Q Quartz in for a $1000 less per slab, which is a great price point for a renovation like this one. The only drawback is you do not have the lifetime warranty that comes with Cambria countertops. 

MSI-Surfaces are a trusted company that we have worked with for years. Their countertops have the look and durability that are always a winner when we need to stay in our budget. For the backsplash we chose Daltile Rittenhouse Square in an Arctic White. The glossy finish and dramatic look of the quartz brings an incredible crisp and clean look to the whole kitchen. 

MSI-Surfaces Q Quartz Dallas-Condo-Kitchen-Countertop-

MSI-Surfaces Q Quartz Dallas-Condo-Kitchen-Countertop-

Shaw Vinyl Flooring 

The unit had stained concrete floors that were in really bad condition. I recommended an extremely durable, luxury vinyl floor by Shaw Floors. Shaw Floors are exceptionally long-lasting and easy to clean. They have a waterproof vinyl finish that is a great choice for high-traffic areas prone to splashes and spills. 

We choose the “Tivoli Plus” design, but there’s a wide range of hues and characteristics to choose from. We have found that Shaw Floors has a surface and accent design that is perfect for every home. Technically, these floors have an Armourbead® wear layer for enhanced performance and Soft Silence® acoustical pad for noise reduction and added comfort. Basically, they provide a tremendous quality for your budget.


A Job Well Done

Renovating a gorgeous condos like this one is very rewarding. From the moment we walked in the door we could see the potential of the place. We’re happy knowing that the client is pleased, and that Renowned Renovation's work will stand the test of time.

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