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What is the difference between Remodeling and Renovating?
Answer: Remodeling involves changing a structure, like moving a wall or expanding a room. Renovation restores a room or a home with fresh paint or a new countertop. The structure remains the same.

When & How Do I Contact Renowned Renovation?
Answer: 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday. We take pride in being responsive and available to customers, but would ask that unless it is a dire emergency, that all questions and messaging posted through BuilderTrend. That way everything gets documented. Checkout the video see and how it works

What are the most common change orders?
Answer: The most common change in price is material upgrades made by customers. This is followed by unknown elements that are typically discovered after demolition such as plumbing, electrical, or HVAC in a wall being removed. We do our best to outline these possibilities before work starts.


Will there be any change orders?
Answer: While we do our best to provide the most accurate estimate possible, occasionally unknown circumstances will create situations requiring actions that have a cost other than what is on the invoice. This is common when structural alterations are being made. The other scenario in which a Change Order may arise is when a customer wants something done that is not detailed on the invoice. While this may have been discussed at one point, if there is anything not on the invoice, its not included in the price.

HGTV do things different, are you doing it right?
Answer: HGTV methods are performed by various actors and contractors with different methods. The methods used by the contractors on TV may seem to be the only way, there are many tried and true methods to most processes, and while we may use a different method, it does not mean that it's wrong….It is the Renowned Way! 

How frequently will you be stopping by to check on things?
Answer: Your Project Manager will make regular visits to your jobsite checking on overall progress and to meet with you on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or on Saturdays by appointment. You can check in on BuilderTrend to see when we have been to your project and even see the pictures we take!

Will my house be clean and free of dust when you leave?
Answer: We do our best to minimize dust by using plastic and drop clothes but there will be dust in the project area and the adjoining rooms. Unless specifically contracted for cleaners to come after the project is completed, the room will be broom swept only. A deep clean is typically needed after a project and cost between $300-500. **Note: We use the approved blue tape to adhere the floor and wall protection to walls and floor surfaces. If the floor, wall, or surface is damaged we cannot be held responsible as this is our only option. Common occurrences are on older wood floors where the finish is slightly dulled and requires polishing or deep cleaning by owner.

What causes delays in remodeling projects?
Answer: Nonpayment/slow pay, material deliveries, changes in scope of work, the weather, no-shows and more. If the scheduled work-flow is interrupted we reschedule the entire project and make sure each of our contractors can meet the new schedule. If there is any change of schedule, you will be notified through BuilderTrend.

Question: When is my payment due? 
Answer: On your contract, there is a payment schedule that is tied to the performance of certain scopes of work. When that milestone is reached payment is due immediately. Any slow pay will result in work stoppage and might delay the project for one or more weeks depending on the other projects in progress that are making timely payments.

Renovation Facts

  • Painting/Staining: If we are repainting or staining existing cabinets and/or trim, please understand that we cannot make old wood...new wood. When painting stain grade cabinets, the grain is often still visible. Seams where the wood is joined also become more visible during this process. The same principle is applied to your walls and trim. Unless we are removing the existing sheetrock and/or trim and installing new, there might be pre-existing imperfections that paint alone cannot fix.
  • Everything costs money: Historically, the construction industry is low margin and high risk. To
    remain competitive, we limit our overhead and bid on projects based on what our customers asked for. Once we start a project if there is a change or additional work needed, we use BuilderTrend to handle any and all change-orders. This includes additional trips picking up customer supplied materials and extra garbage charges.
  • Pricing: As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” We have spent years developing our trade partners and employees and are confident our pricing model is not only competitive but it’s also RESPONSIBLE. We know our customers demand a high level of quality and our pricing reflects that. We would rather pass on a job than lower the quality of products or the installation.
  • Debri: We do our best to take away trash and debris generated by projects on a daily basis. However there may be times when trash bags are left onsite until we can arrange for them to be picked up. Many of our job sites have very limited accessibility to storage of materials or a large dumpster, so we have to take what debri we can, when we can. Trash haul-off is for project debris only. Any addition trash from personal garbage may require additional loads or dumpsters when necessary that may incur additional costs

    For Any Other Questions please send us an email.