May 3

5727 Valesco Entire House Remodel


SOLD August 2020

Velasco Home Remodel and Addition Dallas Conservation District

During Remodeling by Renowned Renovation

During Renowned Renovation Remodeling

Stripped to the Studs - Floors & Siding Recycled 

This 1920's home is undergoing an entire house remodel. For-Sale Belmont Addition Conservation District. New 4-bed, 3-bath, 2-Story Craftsman Bungalow in Lower Greenville, Dallas.
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After we started removing the siding and floors for recycling we were shocked to discover that the whole house was supported by tree stumps! Amazing that it lasted for 100 years. We are going to replace the tree stumps with a real foundation that meets best practices for concrete piers in Dallas. We are going to install a new pier and beam foundation.

The soil in Dallas tends to be expansive because it contains a healthy dose of clay, which expands and contracts as moisture enters the equation. Add water, through rain and irrigation, and the soil expands. Remove water due to hot and dry conditions, and the soil contracts. All this soil movement adds up to cracks in the house.

Because we want to eliminate the movement caused by expansive soil, we are using a pier and beam foundation.

New Driveway and Pad for 2-Car Garage

5727 Valesco Before Remodeling

About the Neighborhood
5727 Valesco For Sale in the Belmont Addition Conservation District Dallas Texas

5727 Valesco is in the Belmont Addition Conservation District, which was formed with the intent of preserving the unique character of the neighborhood. The area is in the heart of the Lower Greenville section of East Dallas. Residents in the Belmont Addition are highly diverse coming from all walks of life. The neighborhood is highly social with multiple neighborhood wide events each year designed to foster a friendly atmosphere.


Additions, New Home Construction

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